JUNE 14 - 18 2017


OTTAWA EXPLOSION WEEKEND 2017 is happening from June 14th to 18th. Fill this out if you're interested in playing.
Due to the high amount of submissions we will only be contacting those who we have selected to perform. Thank you!
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OXW 2017 dates + application open!

November 8, 2016

Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2017 is happening June 14 to 18th at several venues downtown including Club SAW/Arts Court courtyard, St…
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May 6, 2016

You can now see our schedule split up by DAY or by VENUE! Here’s the fourth round of bands! BABERAHAM…
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Third round of bands announced! We’re looking for volunteers too!

April 15, 2016

OXW 2016 passes are available now! You can download our the second volume of free sampler courtesy of our friends…
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  • OXW 2017 is happening June 14 - 18. Now accepting band applications. Link in bio.
  • Next show: Nov 1st @hsytoronto @drihiev & @bonniedoon666 at @pressedottawa
  • SATURDAY! Sievehead, No Negative, Sedatives & Doxx at Zaphods. Stacked show! 8 pm / $8
  • Come shred with us at the Black Forest Stage at @beausallnatural Oktoberfest! @antiqueskate, @houseoftarg, @pouzzafest, @stomprecords @vanscanada are all hanging out and there are some awesome bands! @laureatemtl @solidsmtl @lostlovemtl & Steve @adamyk Band tonight and @wastedpotentialband @campradio @palelipsband & a bunch more on Saturday!
  • The Submissives @casadelpopolo @popmontreal
  • Check out the Black Forest stage at @beausallnatural Oktoberfest to help support #orc4g @forpivotssake & more! Check out #gigs4good to learn more!

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