2nd round of bands announced!

April 21, 2017

We are incredibly excited to announce 50 more bands who will be performing at Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2017!

Head to http://bit.ly/OXW2017 to pick up a $65 full weekend early bird pass and to http://ottawaexplosion.com for more info!

We will be presenting a Mint Records showcase featuring The Smugglers (first Ottawa show in 20+ years!), NEEDLES//PINS, Tough Age & local openers Expanda Fuzz.

We are partnering up with tireless Ottawa scene organizers Debaser for a series of 3 shows. One at Le Temporaire and two at St. Albans Church featuring, from Montreal: Pelada, IDALG, Fountain, Carla Sagan & Lungbutter who will be joined by Toronto’s HSY, New Chance and Eyeballs as well as Hamilton’s Persons. Local artists holding it down will be PIPPA, Ruth Grader, H de Heutz, Lovecraft & DJ Smoke Weed Guy Bud Club.

With Bruised Tongue Records now being split between Toronto & Ottawa, it’s only fitting to see three Toronto bands: Plasmalab (LP release), Sahara & Protruders alongside two locals Slow Dawn & Organ Eyes.

Yet another record label will be presenting their bands except this isn’t exactly a “record label.” The Pentagon Black showcase features bands who appeared on this label’s infamous paper compilations. No record, just a full-color two-sided poster with a download code. You’ll see Hamilton’s Sweet Dave & The Shallow Graves alongside Fredericton’s Motherhood, Montreal’s PRIORS & The Famines as well as local support from recent transplants Deathsticks alongside WARP LINES.

We’ll also be hosting plenty of other bands like Montreal’s American Lips, BBQT & Sonic Avenues. Strange Attractor, The Ape-ettes & Tommy and the Commies are all making the drive from Sudbury to come party for the weekend as are Toronto’s Casper Skulls, WLMRT & Blank Stares. Third time’s a charm when Shellshag finally makes their Ottawa appearance after a couple of botched attempts alongside their pals in Flesh Mother & Vacation! Laika’s Orbit will also be returning to OXW this year!

Local bands The Creeps, BLACK TOWER, Crusades & The Yips are playing! Expect some hardcore shredding from Grimm, The C.H.U.D’s & Tightlip who are all playing our previously announced PRISM shows.

We have also have newer local bands like Ultra Love, Lake Urmia & Cow (featuring Girls+ Rock Ottawa alumni!) playing as well as Sally Ride who will be playing their first show ever!

Check out the full list below!

AMERICAN LIPS (Montreal, QC)https://www.facebook.com/americanlipsband/
AVERAGE TIMES (Ottawa, ON) http://averagetimes.bandcamp.com
BBQT (Montreal, QC) https://bbqtband.bandcamp.com
BLACK TOWER (Ottawa, ON) http://blacktower.bandcamp.com
BLANK STARES (Toronto, ON) https://blankstarestoronto.bandcamp.com
CARLA SAGAN (Montreal, QC) https://carlasagan.bandcamp.com/
CASPER SKULLS (Toronto, ON) https://casperskulls.bandcamp.com/
THE CREEPS (Ottawa, ON) http://thecreeps.bandcamp.com
COW (Ottawa, ON) https://girlsrockottawa.com/
CRUSADES (Ottawa, ON) http://crusades666.bandcamp.com
DEATHSTICKS (Ottawa/Peterborough, ON)https://buysomedeathsticks.bandcamp.com/
EXPANDA FUZZ (Ottawa, ON) https://expandafuzz.bandcamp.com/
EYEBALLS (Toronto, ON) https://eyeballsmusic.bandcamp.com/
FLESH MOTHER (Cincinnati, OH) https://fleshmother.bandcamp.com/
FOUNTAIN (Montreal, QC) https://fountain.bandcamp.com/
GRIMM (Ottawa, ON)
H DE HEUTZ (Ottawa/Hull) https://hdeheutz.bandcamp.com
HSY (Toronto, ON) https://hsy666.bandcamp.com/
I.D.A.L.G. (Montreal, QC) https://idalg.bandcamp.com/
LAIKA’S ORBIT (New England) https://laikasorbit.bandcamp.com
LAKE URMIA (Ottawa, ON) https://lakeurmia.bandcamp.com
LUNGBUTTER (Montreal, QC) https://lungbuttermtl.bandcamp.com/
MARDOU (Cincinnati, OH) https://mardouband.bandcamp.com
NEEDLES//PINS (Vancouver, BC) https://needlesxpins.bandcamp.com/
NEW CHANCE (Toronto, ON) https://www.facebook.com/ear.rationelle/
ORGAN EYES (Ottawa, ON) http://organeyes.bandcamp.com
PELADA (Montreal, QC) https://soundcloud.com/new-514/sets/new002-pelada-digital-ep
PERSONS (Hamilton, ON) https://personscrew.bandcamp.com
PIPPA (Ottawa, ON) https://pippalouu.bandcamp.com/
PLASMALAB (Toronto, ON) https://plasmalab.bandcamp.com/
RUTH GRADER (Ottawa, ON) http://ruthgrader.com
RHYTHM OF CRUELTY (Edmonton, AB)https://rhythmofcruelty.bandcamp.com/
SAHARA (Toronto, ON) https://artificialsounds.bandcamp.com/album/sahara
SALLY RIDE (Ottawa, ON) 1st show!
SHELLSHAG (Brooklyn, NY) – not showing up on website despite being published?
SLOW DAWN (Ottawa, ON) http://slowdawn0.bandcamp.com
SONIC AVENUES (Montreal, QC) http://sonicavenues.com
STRANGE ATTRACTOR (Sudbury, ON)https://strangeattractor.bandcamp.com/
THE APE-ETTES (Sudbury, ON) https://theape-ettes.bandcamp.com/
THE C.H.U.D’s (Ottawa, ON)
THE FAMINES (Montreal, QC) http://thefamines.ca
THE SMUGGLERS (Vancouver, BC) http://thesmugglers.com
THE YIPS (Ottawa, ON) https://yips613.bandcamp.com/
TIGHTLIP (Ottawa, ON) https://tightlip.bandcamp.com
TOMMY & THE COMMIES (Sudbury, ON)https://tommyandthecommies.bandcamp.com/
TOUGH AGE (Toronto, ON) https://tough-age.bandcamp.com/
VACATION (Cincinnati, OH) https://vacation.bandcamp.com
WLMRT (Toronto, ON) https://wlmrt.bandcamp.com/

Stay informed about upcoming announcements & more!