3rd round of bands & schedule announced!

May 16, 2017

Here it is! The final band announcement! We’ve also shared the schedule and put up a few advanced tickets for Thursday, Friday & Saturday Club SAW shows.

Casual Hex is going to once again present the Sunday daytime show at Club SAW with Philadelphia’s Empath & Bloomington’s Nice Try and various pals from Canadian cities far and wide Feel Alright, BBQT & Dunes as well as locals Bonnie Doon, Lake Urmia & Trails.

Ottawa’s Crucial Records will be closing out OXW 2017 with a hardcore punk show at Pressed featuring Ahna (Vancouver), Odd (Montreal) and local rippers Sick Nurse!

Ottawa Showbox will be presenting a daytime acoustic show featuring Vancouver’s Jesse Lebourdais at St Alban’s alongside locals Jon Creeden & Corey Levesque.



AHNA (Vancouver, BC)  https://ahna.bandcamp.com/

COREY LEVESQUE (Ottawa, ON) https://corylevesque.bandcamp.com

EMPATH (Philadelphia, PA) https://empathx.bandcamp.com/

EMPTY NESTERS (Ottawa, ON) https://emptynesters.bandcamp.com/

FET. NAT (Hull, QC) https://fetnat.bandcamp.com/

F.I.T.S. (Montreal, QC) https://blowbloodrecords.bandcamp.com/album/feeding-illness-to-society

JESSE LEBOURDAIS (Vancouver, BC) https://jesselebourdais.bandcamp.com/

JON CREEDEN (Ottawa, ON) http://joncreeden.com/

MOTHER’S CHILDREN (Ottawa, ON) http://motherschildren.bandcamp.com

ODD (Montreal, QC) https://oddpank.bandcamp.com

OMERTA (Ottawa, ON) http://omertapunk.bandcamp.com

PRIORS (Montreal, QC)  http://priorsmtl.bandcamp.com

SICK NURSE (Ottawa, ON) https://sicknurse1.bandcamp.com

SPELL (Ottawa, ON) https://spellingglitter.bandcamp.com

TRAILS (Ottawa, ON)  https://trailsssss.bandcamp.com/

Stay informed about upcoming announcements & more!