Fri, June 15 at 9:15 PM - The Dominion


Calgary, AB

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Equal parts slimy punk and blown out power-pop, Leather Jacuzzi oscillates between the legitimately good and the legitimately inane. Craig (Feel Alright), Brady (The Mandates), Michael (Blu Shorts) and Sarah (ex-Century Palm) play fast songs about anything from tasting piss to lying in repose. Started in the summer of 2016 and not really meant to last beyond the season, the band pulls influence from early American hardcore acts like Zero Boys and Angry Samoans, while simultaneously ripping on the genre’s more absurd elements. Leather Jacuzzi’s live show is loud, fast and snotty, channeling the raucous and sneering energy of their recordings. The band’s first two cassette releases were recently reissued on LP by Danger Records out of Paris, France, with a release of new material planned for later this year.

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