More bands! Weekend passes on sale!

April 5, 2018

We are thrilled to announce a bunch more bands who will be performing at Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2018!!

Joining the previously announced MarthaPeach Kelli Pop and the White Wires are a great mix of bands from all over Canada, the US and Europe!

Kamikaze Girls (Leeds, UK)
Lonely Parade (Montreal, QC)
Hit Bargain (Los Angeles, CA)
Tough Age (Toronto, ON)
Fruit & Flowers (Brooklyn, NY)
BLEU NUIT (Montréal, QC)
Hakan (Bergamo, IT)
VICTIME (Québec, QC)
Radiation Risks (Buffalo, NY)
respectfulchild (Saskatoon, SK)
Ziibiwan ᓯᐱᐘᐣ (Toronto, ON)
BBQT band (Montreal, QC)
DUSK (Appleton, WI)
WARES (Edmonton, AB)
FAZE (Montreal, QC)
Feel Alright (Calgary, AB)
J Blissette (Lethbridge, AB)
WLMRT (Toronto, ON)

We’re also excited to announce a bunch of bands from the Ottawa/Gatineau area!

Creep Wave (Ottawa, ON) [Last show ever!]
DOXX (Ottawa, ON)
The Creeps (Ottawa, ON)
Expanda Fuzz (Ottawa, ON)
Deathsticks (Ottawa, ON)
Steve Adamyk BAND (Ottawa, ON)
Sparklesaurus (Ottawa, ON)
No Mistakes in Space (Ottawa, ON)
Scattered Clouds (Hull, QC)

We’ll be announcing more bands and more info later this month!

Thanks to Genevieve Brisson​ for taking care of our website needs again this year!
Thanks to the excellent Michael George Haddad for another awesome look for OXW!

Stay informed about upcoming announcements & more!